Each item in our shop has its own fascinating tale to tell. Every piece has been meticulously selected, imagined, and brought to life. Check out our creative journey below.

Also my thoughts behind GraffiTee are at the bottom of this page <3

mens suit ready for upcycling

Step 1


The initial step involves finding and purchasing second-hand items that are fitting for GraffiTee's vision.

Sewing a womens suit

Step 2


Following the creation of a vision and plan for the items, they will undergo a meticulous process of repair, cutting, and sewing.

Graffitee by Jeelie's label on vintage suit

Step 3

Finishing touches

The product will be completed using GraffiTee's hardware, specifics, and tags.

Graffitee by jeelie womens split suit

Step 4


We ensure that every item is thoroughly inspected for quality before it is made available for sale. Once approved, the product is photographed and showcased on our webshop, where we aim to match it with the best customer who can truly appreciate its unique style and give it a fresh new perspective.

See the full suit here <3


"Crafting a Catchy Intro: Attempt #1"

Did it work? Well, you're still reading, so score one for me! 🎉

In the Danish realm, I'm what you'd call a "funny size" (trust me, it sounds cooler in Danish). Picture this: a doctor navigating the vast medical fields, an entrepreneur brainstorming at 3 am, and an artist with paint on their nose. That's the triple-threat package you're dealing with here.

Through my designs, I hope to inspire you to embrace your quirkiest, boldest self. No compromises.

Introducing GraffiTee - where exclusivity meets eco-consciousness. I'm all about that green life, which is why I've partnered with eco-warriors worldwide to ensure your tee travels the shortest distance to your wardrobe. Quality? Only the kind that makes GraffiTee your favorite tee for years to come.

Now, let's talk vintage. I've breathed new life into vintage mens suits and second hand bags from the crème de la crème of luxury brands - think Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. Hand-painted by yours truly, and priced lower than their original tags. It's like giving these bags a spa day and a makeover!

My designs? They're a celebration of the raw, the real, the beautifully imperfect. Bodies, nature, and all their glorious "flaws" take center stage. But here's the twist: you won't see them as flaws. No shapes, no genders, no symmetry - just pure art. If I can make even one of you see the world this way, then mic drop - mission accomplished.

So, here's to being unapologetically you. After all, you're the masterpiece in this gallery of life. Be art!

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