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balenciaga taske kreativ proces upcycling genbrug

Step 1


We begin by searching for and buying pre-owned bags that match GraffiTee's vision.

malet balenciaga håndtaske med roser og blomster

step 2


Once I have finalized the bag design on paper, I proceed to clean it and apply a coat of primer. Next, I carefully paint the bag and finish it off with a layer of leather grease.

reparation af balenciaga taske graffitee by jeelie vintage

step 3


Next, we identify any damages to the bag and hardware and proceed with the necessary repairs if required.

smuk og sjælden balenciaga city bag med messing nitter vintage billig

step 4


Finally, the bag is styled and photographed, with the price determined based on factors like model, condition, materials, and the time invested for a successful resale.

See the Balenciaga here<3